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Our ultimate goal: 100% traceability of all our products, starting with 14k gold.

How We Think About Our Impact

We’ve built Mejuri off of long-term partnerships, celebrations and memories that are truly sustainable in the most broad sense of the term.

When we think about our business within the framework of sustainability, we know it impacts both our planet and people, from those who source our precious metals to the master jewelers crafting our pieces, to you.

When we design and create the jewelry you love, we do it by balancing these two areas rather than sacrificing one for the other. We work along our entire production ecosystem, from sourcing and manufacturing to branding, to mitigate impact on the environment, support and empower our partners and give back to our community. To do this for the long-term, we require full transparency across all of our activities, including where all our materials come from, how they were processed, the working conditions our pieces were made in, and our overall contribution to climate change.

the jewelry ecosystem






To create true sustainability in fine jewelry we need to be able to trace the impact of our pieces from the origin of the materials all the way to their final destination: you.

What do we mean by traceability? Here’s an example: Anyone can claim to make jewelry from recycled gold, but unless you know exactly where your gold is recycled and the waste stream it came from, is the claim true? How can you measure and continue to reduce impacts on the environment? How can you guarantee the labor conditions along each step were safe and fair?

It's our job to ensure we can trace every material we use and piece of jewelry we create back to its original source, which will then allow us to positively influence each step and properly balance impacts on people and planet.

In many cases, the systems behind the fine jewelry industry, from mine to market, don't align with our values of transparency and empowerment. Environmental degradation, conflict fueled by mining, and risks of poor working conditions are all core issues that need to be exposed and effectively addressed with modern solutions and perspectives.

Traceability and transparency are key to avoiding unintended negative impacts at any stage of the creation process and holding ourselves accountable to the highest sustainability performance. We believe this level of transparency and accountability is the future of modern luxury and we are committed to driving this change forward.


Committed to gold that is 100% traceable


Strong partnerships with our manufacturing partners, working within the RJC and Kimberely Processes at industry standard or higher


Our ultimate goal is 100% traceability of all materials across our supply chain

As a third-generation jeweler, founder and CEO Noura Sakkijha entered the industry with open eyes.

Since day one, it's been our mission to engage with the jewelry industry in a way that compliments our values and those of our customers. As such, we have always worked hand in hand with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure the sourcing and craftsmanship of our pieces are done in compliance with the most comprehensive sustainability standards and international best practices available.

We conduct due diligence on our supply chain and prioritize suppliers who are certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council, which is the most comprehensive international framework for compliance with best practices around health and safety, human rights, fair labor, governance and environmental protection in the fine jewelry industry. We select diamonds that are compliant with the Kimberley Process, which ensures the diamonds we use do not fuel armed conflict in high risk countries. But these frameworks are not always sufficient to affirm we are doing the right thing for the planet or people because they can’t always guarantee traceability from mine to market. Our traceability goal takes us further.

Traceable Gold

By the end of 2021, we are committed to ensuring that 100% of our gold is traceable. 70% of our 14k solid gold products will be made with certified recycled gold and 30% will be newly mined.




Our newly mined gold is traceable to responsible sources that support communities dependent on the industry.



We work with certified recycling partners to verify this gold is made from post consumer waste.

Certified Recycled Gold

We started our traceability journey with gold because it’s at the heart of almost all of our collections and because sales of our 14k gold products make up the majority of our revenue. This is the area where we can have the greatest impact.

We are committed to 100% traceable gold, of which 70% will be certified recycled. It takes time to credibly transition to genuine, high quality recycled materials for the long-term—not just as a trend.

Without traceability to a certified recycling partner and verifying that the gold is certified as genuine recycled content, so-called ‘recycled gold’ could be newly mined gold re-sold as recycled at a higher price.

We’re not about that. We are committed to the real deal, for every collection and every drop.

We’ve also partnered with large scale recyclers to recycle gold from any of our returned or defective products to minimize waste in our operations and drive greater recycling and circularity across the gold supply chain.


Traceability in action

Certification from a verified and traceable recycling partner ensures we know our gold is authentically recycled.


Positive for the Planet

Recycling gold lessens our impact on Earth. Not only do we not have to mine new resources, but recycling also lowers the carbon footprint of each piece of jewelry.


Our Best-selling Metal

Most of the jewelry we sell is made with 14k gold. It's the highest quality everyday material—this holds true for recycled gold too.

why not 100% certified RECYCLED gold?

That would be better for everyone right? Remember, our commitment is to equally account for the planet and people, and while we are shifting to recycled gold, we also recognize that mining remains a necessary livelihood for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. That’s why we work with suppliers who are maximizing positive impacts on mining communities while complying with the highest environmental standards possible to minimize our impact in that respect. This applies to all precious metals and stones that come from the earth.

next steps

beyond gold

As we continue our sustainability journey, we aim to trace each and every material we use right back to the original source, and reduce impacts upon the planet every step of the way. This is a long term project and mission, and we’ll continue to work closely with our partners and with you to make it a reality. To call ourselves a sustainable brand, this is the hard work that needs to be committed to.

climate action

To further reduce our carbon footprint, we conducted a full Life Cycle Assessment in partnership with Climate Positive Consulting in San Francisco to get a credible and detailed baseline of how much carbon is emitted and water used across all our activities as a company, from creating our collections to keeping the lights on at our warehouse.

By the end of 2021, we will share science-based targets for reducing our overall carbon and water use footprints. These targets will be based on a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment of our carbon and water footprint from end to end. We’re setting our reduction targets in line with the Science Based Target Initiative to ensure we’re doing our part to reach the international climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement.

Check back soon for further updates on our traceability and sustainability journey and follow along on Instagram @mejuri.