Warranty Procedure

If you have fully charged your battery and think it is faulty there are 2 options on how to process your warranty claim:


Option 1

Having the battery tested yourself
Take the battery to a local garage for a battery test. Make sure the battery is fully charged and over 12volts when the test is performed. Ensure that the voltage is shown on the test report.
Send the test report via fax, email or post with a copy of your invoice or order number. Make sure your address and phone number are included.
When we have received the test report and the invoice we will call you to arrange a new product to be sent to you and collection of the faulty item.

Battery Megastore UK Ltd do not refund the cost of any test reports received.


Option 2

Returning the battery for Test
Call us with your invoice / order number, we will then take a deposit of £20 and collect your battery for testing.
If the battery is faulty we will refund your deposit and send you a new battery along with a voucher for 5% off your next order.
If your battery is not faulty we will send the battery back to you with the print out from the tester.
The battery will be sent back fully charged and ready to use.

Under the warranty no refunds will be issued.


Contact Details
Email: sales@batterymegastore.co.uk
Fax: 01684 850139
Post: Battery Megastore, Unit 29, Alexandra Way, Tewkesbury, GL20 8NB


If you believe yourself to have more than one faulty battery please contact our technical team for assistance before proceeding with the above on 01684 298800.


A Warranty Replacement is invalid as a result of:
a) Normal wear and tear

b) Failure to follow the instruction manual

c) Negligent and improper storage, usage or installation

d) Unauthorised modifications to the battery

e) The use of so-called means of improvement Hankook Leisure Batteries

f) Over discharging the battery below 10.6


The warranty of Hankook Leisure Batteries is reduced if used for the following applications:
Live Aboard usage: 1 Year
Commercial and Industrial usage: 1 Year
Electric fence usage: 6 Months